Monday, 13 February 2012

Update on wool

I’ve been a bit quiet here – all down to the yummy new wool I showed you the other day…. turns out its covered in spinning machine oil and needs serious washing – ouch. So I spent a few hours over at Ravelry to find out about the best methods, and now I’m washing the first skein, but will have to re-skein the orange that I already rolled into nice soft / squishy balls.(strangely enough that one didn’t feel so totally drenched in the stuff as the blue-grey one)  I was going to post a photo of the washing in progress – but its really not looking very attractive – but promise I’ll post the outcome :-)

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Although I’m supposed to be on holiday for a week, couldn’t really stay away from woolly goodness for too long – and got these beauties!

The pictures don’t really do justice to the colours.. they remind me of the painting Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth – the yellow of the field, the blue sky and the blue-grey of the building in the distance. (doesn’t help that it’s quite difficult to find a reproduction that shows the colours right) Maybe it reminds me more of the way  I remembered the painting… right now I’m thinking of a project to use these memories in a piece…

It’s going to be a good challenge – as lately I’ve been playing with supersoft chunky yarns, and these are really delicate, slightly heavier then lace weight, pure wool, with a really nice, uneven scratchiness to it.

In the past days I already started training for it – played with the thinnest yarns I could find to crochet with – outcome to follow….

Christina's World is on display at the MOMA, New York. Image courtesy of MOMA. :-)