Thursday, 26 April 2012

Happy Weekend 2.

I also got two rolls of film back, one used in the Diana, and another used in my lovely vintage Lubitel 2 – an old russian TLR camera (more info here)
It's been in the family for a couple of decades now, the box is broken – hence the beautiful light leaks :-) They – together with the double exposures - give the pics a  dreamy character...
I really enjoy the nature of film photography – the fact that the number of pictures is very limited (12 in Lubi, 16 in the Diana), so I get a very condensed reminder of the events, and the rolls cover a relatively long period of time.
It also seems to take more time to find the “perfect” composition when I'm out with a film camera.. maybe exactly because of the limited amount of film.
Slow tech.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Happy Weekend 1.

This weekend has been spent with all kinds of happy activities – finally made my way to the warm woolly nest that is Twist Fibre Craft Studio – and got some amazing skeins / balls of wool, but I have to say it took me waaaay too much time to decide – the choice was immense :-)
I ended up with 3 colourways – the highlight being “Colinette Yarns' ART … an Aran weight yarn with a dash of spice and all things nice, made from 29% bamboo and 71% wool “ Yum!
Also found a beautiful 100% wool to match my Estonian wool in weight, and the most beautiful turquoise DK – simply beautiful, and injects just the right amount of colour into a grey spring day :-)
Ended the day with tea and a gorgeous walnut cake – heaven!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Diana Love

Hello, this is my first photography post :-) ... as the sun  comes out for longer and longer these days, it's better and better every day to get out and take pics! (and picnics).

These are from my beloved Diana - I just love the quality of the images, the blurred egdes, the square format. Not to mention the wait - at the moment, when I finish a roll, it takes about 2 weeks to get the film developed here (on the lookout for a better option - good online labs anyone?).

Today so far has been about getting out and making use of the sharp light  (by accindentally missing a hillwalk, doing an urban walk instead)-  see the results in a fortnight :-) -- the photos above are from the same time last year.