Thursday, 26 April 2012

Happy Weekend 2.

I also got two rolls of film back, one used in the Diana, and another used in my lovely vintage Lubitel 2 – an old russian TLR camera (more info here)
It's been in the family for a couple of decades now, the box is broken – hence the beautiful light leaks :-) They – together with the double exposures - give the pics a  dreamy character...
I really enjoy the nature of film photography – the fact that the number of pictures is very limited (12 in Lubi, 16 in the Diana), so I get a very condensed reminder of the events, and the rolls cover a relatively long period of time.
It also seems to take more time to find the “perfect” composition when I'm out with a film camera.. maybe exactly because of the limited amount of film.
Slow tech.

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