Wednesday, 15 August 2012

D.I.Y. ombre

This weekend I decided to do something just for fun, something different and try fabric dyeing. (hmm kidding myself, actually it was a test for future wool dyeing experiments) Got a nice but maybe a bit boring cotton jumper from a charity shop - it's beautifully made, but "beige" in not my colour :-)

Anyway I set out for this adventure maybe a bit too organized - working out the logistics of obtaining the ombre effect, measuring / timing everything accurately - the only thing was that my carefully planned contraption to hang the jumper into the dye and then delicately lift it out -- didn't work. So I ended up holding the thing up over the pot for an hour - gradually lifting it -  I felt like I was in the olympics :-)

But I'm quite pleased with the outcome - my present-for-self project.
(to avoid uneven patches - use a bigger pot!)

Friday, 10 August 2012


Back after spending an amazing 10 days travelling around Scotland. That sounds like an all-round tour of the place, but it was a bit more low-key than that :-) just finally managed to visit a few places that we always wanted, but never got around to.
Having the worst summer of a 100 years, the first few photos are to set the mood - rain, mist, fog and all sorts on non-summery weather!

First of all, we went to Glasgow to see Mackintosh' House of an Art Lover , which is a fantastic design in itself, but the fact that it was built in 1990 (89 years after Macintosh produced the plans for it to enter a German architectural competiton) is what makes it a real joy for me. (spot the interior designer)

Had an amazing afternoon at the Burrell Collection - an absolute must for anyone who loves medieval tapestries - but the collection is soo huge and spans through such a long period of history and every possible artform  - it's absolutely overwhelming, in the best possible sense. (and inspiring and scary at the same time)

On the way back to the east coast, stopped by at Stirling, for a beautiful forest walk - in drizzle :-),  and after a little bit odf a drive found The Pinapple! A gorgeously bizarre oversized garden feature, just an amazingly mad sight. (there's more information about it here)

The rest of the holidays were spent with Dundee fun :-)
(thanks to D. for the Lubi photo)