Wednesday, 15 August 2012

D.I.Y. ombre

This weekend I decided to do something just for fun, something different and try fabric dyeing. (hmm kidding myself, actually it was a test for future wool dyeing experiments) Got a nice but maybe a bit boring cotton jumper from a charity shop - it's beautifully made, but "beige" in not my colour :-)

Anyway I set out for this adventure maybe a bit too organized - working out the logistics of obtaining the ombre effect, measuring / timing everything accurately - the only thing was that my carefully planned contraption to hang the jumper into the dye and then delicately lift it out -- didn't work. So I ended up holding the thing up over the pot for an hour - gradually lifting it -  I felt like I was in the olympics :-)

But I'm quite pleased with the outcome - my present-for-self project.
(to avoid uneven patches - use a bigger pot!)

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