Monday, 17 September 2012

The Artist Interview: Domatoma

Heading out to the world of crafty business is quite a daunting adventure - plenty has been written about the difficulties one can encounter - but not enough of the talent you meet in the wilderness out there. :-)
During my journey I have met and found and wondered at the artists and their rainbow colours of  creativity... thus came the idea of interviewing them - and do this as a regular feature.

And what better way to start, then with the creative mind behind domatoma, this personal collection of "prints, plants, friends" (and the beautiful blog shapes and memories) -- Maryia, photographer / designer / maker.

please tell us about yourself / background / childhood impressions / important books or movies
When I was a child, my family was always moving, I cannot say I liked it a lot, but even now after living at the same place for more then a year  I feel like packing. From 12 till 18 I did not get much sleep, because of reading. I liked to start and finish the book without making brakes - my longest non-stop reading was Hugo's Les Misérables, which lasted for almost 3 days.

Unfortunately now I am not so wild any more. I used to write poems and very very short stories, when I was 23 I stopped and started taking photos. I crocheted lots of backpacks, when I was a teenager. They were free-form, crazy and colourful, each of my friends had one, and friends of my friends and even my parent's friends. At that time I considered crocheting to be the easiest form of meditation.

I studied philosophy for more then 10 years and I still hope to finish my phD-thesis. I like long walks, sometimes I wish I could go on and on.
where does your inspiration come from?
It is a mystery for me where my inspiration comes from - ideas just come to my head, like birds into the nest and sometimes I need months to find the way to realize my idea, and sometimes it happens absolutely effortless - I start making a deer and finish it as a cat and it's perfect.
Do you have a studio in your home / workspace / playlist / preferred working hour /  or work everywhere?
I work at night and all my tools and yarns are on my book shelves and it's a chaos :) 
Do you have a favourite time of year / day / human age?
I like those quite warm cloudy/rainy days all year long.
To find out more about Maryia and her work, please visit her shop, blog,or facebook.
To Maryia - thank you for sharing :-)

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