Friday, 5 October 2012

Autumn time

It's been a bit quiet here recently - only because suddenly autumn arrived, but not with its full chill and cold winds, just with lovely weak sunshine - the kind that still allows for sitting outside with a book or a bit of sketching or crochet. In short, it is ideal for getting up to speed, start thinking abou the holidays, plan, and Make :-)
First of all I went back to my gorgeous Estonian wool - and to my amazement, it works seamlessly with the beautiful Shetland wool - I'm really pleased with using the two together, just my kind of colours!

Secondly, I have been updating the Akkord Collective Shop on Etsy, adding new pieces from Andrea, tidying the place a bit, having a wee bit of SALE, and decided to place ads on blogs I personally like - the gorgeous One Sheepish Girl, and the fantastic Bugs and Fishes -- I'm really excited about these!

Thirdly - I've been thinking up a long distance project - a bit of local exploration - more about it later :-)

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