Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Artist Interview : Sara Aires

It's time for the next  Artist Interview - please welcome Sara - owner of Saraires,  a beautiful shop on Etsy. I was instantly drawn to her intricate organic freeform designs and brave use of colour.
To me, her work stands for what fiber art is about - tactile, evocative pieces created with great attention to detail, with love for the medium.

please tell us about yourself / background / childhood impressions / important books or movies
Hello, my name is Sara. I'm portuguese and live in my hometown, Leiria. I grew up surrounded by nature, I used to spend a lot of time with my grandfather, who was a farmer. Also I would spend most of the days at my grandma's or with my mother. A great deal of the familly women were into crochet, knitting, sewing, embroidery... so I nourished from a rich visual context of textilles and handcrafted goods. I was taught to respect the materials, specially when Nature is offering them, and the hard work of artisans. As any normal little girl, I would dream of princesses, and castles, and loved to hear my grandpa telling me the stories of an ancient Portugal of kings and queens, and Discoveries and saillors... Later on, I realised he was telling me the story of the great portuguese epic "Os Lusíadas", by Luís V. Camões. I could never imagine myself or my work like it is, if I had been brought up in anyother place.

where does your inspiration come from?
I find great motivation in nature, flowers, sealife and rocks, in colours on everyday life objects, in new materials specially fabric and yarn. Inspiration also thrives from work: the more I make, the more ideas I get, and more enthusiastic I am.
where / when / how did you learn your craft?
Specifically crochet, I learnt with my granny at the age of 5.

please describe your style / preferred scale / colour / texture
I don't know how to catalogue my style... I love detail, colour and texture. Being graduated in Sculpture, I like to work tri-dimensionally. One day I would love to make my work on a giants scale... right now its just not possible. :D

do you have a studio in your home / workspace / playlist / preferred working hour / or work everywhere? Everywhere! I have a corner at home, but my craft spreads across the whole house. Music is a must, I listen to a lot of different sounds, but I'm a rock and roll fan, essentially.
do you have a favourite time of year / day / human age?
 I'm an enthusiast of my time, loove technology...nevertheless, there are historical aesthetics I absolutelly adore: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, XIXth Century, and Art Nouveaux... XXth Century 20's.

To find out more about Sara's work, please visit her blog, facebook, flickr for photos, and of course her Etsy Shop.

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