Monday, 26 November 2012

Update 2. - the knitting

.. and I was going to show you how the knitting is going on -- it's such a good feeling to learn something new :-) only there's not too many new things learnt, pretty basic stuff- with minimalist results.  But it's for meeee!
The first one is a loop scarf - in the amazing Rowan Colourspun, just love the touch of mohair and the colour changes in this one! Started on 100 cm circular needles - it goes around my neck 3 times :-)

The other one is a more ambitious project - the Sho-sho Shrug - just started with the easy middle bit - it will need a bit of fancy double ended needle work for the arms (need to learn fairly quickly!), but the challenge keeps me going!

Friday, 23 November 2012

November updates

November is a strange month - the Holidays are coming but not here yet... there's a weird up-and-down nature to it... one minute you're all relaxed, there's plenty time, the next is crazy rush :-)
The month started nice and chilled, experimenting with new materials, practicing my knitting, playing with scale and proportion, and taking time to finally make something for myself - haha.
Listed a few new pieces in the Etsy Shop, participated in the Dundee Maggie's Centre's charity market (it was great to see someone win my piece on the raffle - and catch up with local talent)  - and then...
..the crazy lottery of the Etsy Front Page hit us :-)  It was an amazing feeling, along with the sales it's brough a weave of positive energies my way. Suddenly it was all rushing, packaging, emailing, and now, making new pieces - trying out new colourways.....