Friday, 7 December 2012

December time...

... is here, and I'm struggling a little bit without the sunlight :-) means I need to turn the colours on again. Lately I have been in bracelet making mood - something that can be easily interrupted, or carried on for a long time if that's what the day is going to be like.
These are also a wee sneak peek to what I'm preparing for the Edinburgh Market...
Another proof of wool's therapeutic qualities - just working with it makes me feel less cold.
Also - thanks to a comission piece - I started thinking about harmonizing colours, as opposed to my beloved colour clashing :-) It has a very different effect on me at the moment - maybe just the warmth of it, but I'm very happy with them together.
But not all is amazing  - Anyone has any good advice as to how to survive the recent facebook page crisis? :-)