Wednesday, 8 May 2013

...and we're back!

 -- after a bit of a struggle with the elements, the blog / website is back up and functioning ... just in time to start life again with the spring :-)
I've been doing all sorts of selfish projects - selfish knitting / crochet,  a sketch-a-day illustration project, general maintenance (ha - the extremely complex effort of blogmoving) - but normal life will soon resume - with the added interviews (apologies for the slow speed on them), and maybe the occasional photo post.
Which reminds me - this week's seen my first adventure with the online lab world, just sent a couple of rolls of film away to be developed - with anticipation. Will let you know how it goes - just a bit nervous, as these were pictures taken at a family wedding - these are part of our present... fingers crossed.
The good weather saw me out and about - enjoying the warmth while sketching+photographing... I've spent a lot of time in cemeteries recently, looking for inspiration....

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