Saturday, 15 June 2013

In a tweedy mood --

-- because summer is nowhere to be seen! 
Warmth aside, I do love tweed in any shape or form because of its evocative qualities, with its texture and colours it instantly tells a story, of a place and a time. These are one of the earlier mentioned "Selfish Projects" - a pair of mittens made of gorgeous New Lanark Heather Mixtures - with the excuse of trying a new construction method -- to avoid the jaggy seams I decided to crochet in two continuous spirals - a'la candy stripes. I'm really happy with the outcome.
The New Lanark story is one that's worth it's own blogpost - all yarn produced "by traditional methods in one of the historic mills, where a 19th century spinning mule is still working for all our visitors to see" in a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
About the evocative qualities of tweed - It's very difficult to describe the rich associations it brings... it's the nature of all things tactile - but I have found these amazing photographs by Ian Lawson a while ago - they perfectly describe these connections -- to landscape, colour, weather - timelessness. I highly recommend checking out his website - fantastic work.
images © Ian Lawson

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