Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Analogue Social Live Printing Event

The Glasgow based Analogue Social collective recently had a Live Event in Dundee -"a bare walled exhibition space, a DJ, a bar provided by anCnoc, and of course screen printing tables".
As I was always interested in printmaking, I jumped on the opportunity to try screen printing... I have tried etching before, thinking it would be a good medium for my line drawings - but the time consuming process going back and forth meant that I kept finding faults with the original, and by the time the work was finished I was deeply unhappy with the outcome :-) The relative fast pace of screen printing seemed like the answer to my problem.
Great thanks for the AnSo guys for setting up the screens and giving us help with starting the process - the evening was really so much fun! The idea was to print 6 of our own designs, and have 6 collaborative pieces by the end of the evening, by combining backgrounds and foregrounds between us.
My control of the process was less then perfect - but by the end I really liked the randomness of the paint on paper while still carrying the feeling of the original.
After the difficult first half - it was great contrast to print the second layer that came out perfectly - control re-gained, and worked really nicely with the randomly distorted backgrounds.
A wonderful experience - and definitely an encouragement to try more printmaking techniques, and more screen printing -- great company and a fun night!
 The outcome is exhibited for the next two weeks at the Meadow Mills Studios.

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