Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Adventures in spinning

In my travels into fibres it was inevitable to find myself drawn to spinning - as I learned more about yarn, and strucures, and the architecture of fabric - so soon I found that I will have to try it for understanding it.
After a bit of research I decided to go with a kit - a drop spindle + two kinds of beginner-friendly long staple fibres, an off-white / light grey Swaledale and darker grey Jacob wool.
I have to admit it's quite addictive, partly because the transformation is so amazing - the texture, and more significantly, the colour changes so much during the process.
As you can see, the consistency was an issue on the first (few) attempt(s) -- but it's something that will improve with trial and error, and as I develop a feel for the texture and the drafting.
The next try was much more even, as I was getting used to the limits of the drafting.
 It's still not totally even, but it is getting better... can't wait to try knitting with it, the "undulation" will be quite nice in a fairly open structure I think.
The third attempt was a mix of the two - again, the colour of the dark grey changed a lot while spinning, the slight unevenness came out more pronounced.
The two colours mixed nicely - I really like the "candy stripe" pattern - and couldn't wait to test it in knitting, to see how the stripes would work in the fabric.I was hoping for a nice marl effect - by this time the thickness was quite even, and decided to use it with a matching weight green donegal tweed, some Jamieson & Smith doubled up, a bit of Aade Long and various other bits and pieces that match the slightly rough handspun character. And ta-daa:

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