Sunday, 16 February 2014


I've been maybe a bit quiet recently but enormously busy - mainly with starting a new job, but haven't neglected the fibers either :-) As I got more into spinning - my family noticed, and I have got a couple of wonders for Christmas ...
The warm fiery ones are from Threads by Nina - 100% merino in lovely long grading colours...
The rainbow one is the famous Geeks Like Rainbows Too, from Countess Ablaze - I'm still thinking of how to mix this one, there's so many opportunities!
Of course it didn't take long to get started - so I already spun+knit the first 100 grams of the " Under the Maple Tree" colourway - just made two singles and attempted to keep the colours parallel when when plying - to keep the colour change going- and I'm very happy with the outcome:
The thickness is still variable - but that's something I find more of a positive, it gives the knitted pieces a bit of structure / texture. 
During the holidays - and my new commute - I had sometime to venture into (for me) more challenging knitting projects - and it's given me some confidence :-) After a few hats I made for myself and friends (and learned the short rows) I'm getting into lace knitting - I always liked the texture of lace made in thicker yarns than originally intended - so my handspun really seems to work for this... Going ahead with the Elder Tree Shawl - is just the right kind of challenge -- more to follow...

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